The Team

The New Ground Academy features many great speakers, mainly from the New Ground and Newfrontiers family of churches. In recent years our teachers and coaches have included Tope Koleoso, Natalie Williams, Terry Virgo, Nicky Gumbel, Mike Pilavachi and PJ Smyth. The main leaders who oversee the teaching, coaching and life of the Academy are:

Phil Moore (Academy Leader)

Phil leads Everyday Church, a multivenue church with congregations across London, UK, and an online congregation further afield. He is also the author of the Christian book Gagging Jesus and the Straight to the Heart series of devotional commentaries. He oversees the direction, culture and curriculum of the Academy.

James (Academy Tutor)

James leads New Community Church in South East London, UK. He is responsible for the team of tutors who lead the group discussions and interactive learning that takes place at the Academy, as well as for resourcing the tutors at the satellite training bases.

Simon & Gwen Elliott (Academy Coaches)

Simon used to lead Jubilee Church in East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK, but they are now part of the team at Everyday. He and Gwen both have prophetic, strategic and coaching gifts that help leaders to grow bigger whenever they spend time with them. They are responsible for the coaching sessions on a Friday.

Nicky Yeo (Academy Administrator)

Nicky is part of the staff team at Everyday Church, London, UK. She assists Phil in his leadership of the Academy.