Here is a list of questions which we have been asked by people interesting in enlisting in the Academy. At present the list of questions is short, but if we need to add to it because we have missed key information off the website, please email us. We will answer your questions about the New Ground Academy and add the answers to this page for other prospective students.

Yes - definitely! We can't guarantee the proportion of men vs women in any given year, since that depends on who applies. However, we would like the proportion of women at the Academy to be at least a third.
We have grappled quite a bit with this question. The feedback from non-teachers is that planning any Academy days during school holidays would be unhelpful for family life, so all of the dates are during term time. Some teachers have managed to take term-time leave on the basis that this is personal development, especially when they are Religious Education teachers, but we recognise that not all teachers will be able to do this. We may run a school holidays track in the future, but we have no concrete plans to do so for the moment.
Sadly, no. Enrolling in the Academy is a massive investment for everybody. It wouldn't be fair to those who have fully invested in the Academy to have other students dropping in and dropping out throughout the year. We are keeping the investment bar high because leadership development requires investment. The teachers are investing massive amounts of their time in the students, so it's right that we ask all students to invest as much time in developing their leadership gifting too.
The short answer is no. We expect students to commit to the two days each month, so we make the workload as small as possible in between the training blocks. We simply ask people to prepare themselves for the book of the Bible or for the topic which we will be studying together.