See, I Am Doing A New Thing!

Here’s the question: Who knew just a few weeks ago I would be learning more German, spending more time with God, and my husband, resting, walking and Zooming?


Ashburnham was 8 months ago and recently I’ve been reminded of a couple of important things. The first was when Julia Holloway felt it was time for us to, “cut the tie to things, even though they might be good things, they are just blessings not the main focus.” The second was when Terry Virgo shared about the importance being united, about being family and living in and from the Kingdom of peace. 


We are now in unprecedented days and many of us are facing a ‘cutting back’ of many things, even the good things. We are also in a day when the potential, and the need, for us being a people united has never been more clear. 


God reminded me of Isaiah 43:19, recently, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” So in answer to my question, God knew. The I AM, the Sustainer of life itself. (The One who is working all things for our good and His Glory)


So where from here?


I believe, in what may feel like an unknown and confusing season, God wants to bring about newness. When all this is over I don’t believe we can go back to how things were. How we do church family, how we do programmes or what serving the poor looks like might need to change.


Last year God spoke to me about new wine and how He wants to refresh ministries, restore families and seal people’s identities in Him. He wants to give fresh outpouring of His Spirit into our lives and into our churches. I felt God say, “It’s time to sacrifice what has become comfortable again to enable my new wine that is for the healing of our nations.”


I recently attended the New Ground prayer days and also the women’s conference: Fearless. The timings of these events were so perfect for me, but also timely for churches to get a fresh perspective, new leaders to be raised up, nations to bless one another, for women coming out of the shadows fearless as God uses the broken to reach the broken.


In these times we can grow, we can be assured of God’s process and Presence.  We can wait on God and get filled by His love, His Word and Holy Spirit.

What if what God wants to do in this season launches us into an even more fruitful season? What if He is preparing us for greater salvation and miracles? What if God is preparing us for revival?


Let’s humble ourselves, church, and get before our Father in Heaven. I believe we have a choice to sit back and let this season pass by or lean into this season with the simple choice of, “Your will be done in this season, and the next, as it is in heaven.”