Connect Global: Berlin

It’s a beautiful day in Berlin: bright, crisp, a perfect winter’s day. It’s Sunday, and so much quieter than it will be for the start of the working week tomorrow as I catch my train into the city centre. On Sundays in Germany shops close and housing rules demand quiet. Unfortunately, in Berlin this doesn’t mean that everyone is enjoying a Sabbath day, in fact just 1% of the city’s 3.7 million residents will be with a Bible believing Church today. As I reach the centre, the streets grow busier, although the visiting tourists still won’t be able to find a supermarket open. Not to worry however, they can join the Berliners participating in the new Sunday institution: Brunch.

However, it’s not the call of a perfectly crafted flat white which has brought me into Mitte (the central district of Berlin). I’m here to ask Holy Spirit to show me why you need to join us for Connect Global here in Berlin this Spring. I’ll leave it to Tripadvisor to put to you all the glorious cultural and historical treasures which Berlin has to offer. Instead, I believe Jesus has people in this city for you to witness to, it’s why I’m here as part of the Berlin church plant, and it’s why I believe there’s no better way you could spend Thursday 30 April - Sunday 03 May.

So, I’ve come to Bernauer Straße, in the northern part of Mitte, and plan to walk to our current Sunday meeting spot in the south of the district. The route starts me off at the place of one of the most powerful memorials of the Berlin Wall, around the corner from the bustling Sunday flea market at Mauerpark and takes me past key landmarks such as the TV Tower, Museum Island, Berliner Dom and Checkpoint Charlie. Although it’s incredible to be in the heart of Germany’s capital, it’s the heart of God that I want to see on the streets today. As I walked, I asked God to show me who is here for our Connect delegates to impact, and how does He want to impact them. This is who I saw, what I heard:

- Two young women enjoying their coffees, wrapped in a blanket so they can endure the cold outside seating, the only table left at the busy cafe. Come tell them they’re invited to the table, to the feast, a place is prepared for them.

- An older lady marches past me, unphased by the crowds of tourists around the Berlin Wall memorial plaques. She’s seen this city pass from the hands of war, to ideology, to multiculturalism. Come tell her there is one King in this city above every other king.

- A gaggle of tourists follow their high-vis clad guide to explore the escape tunnels dug from East to West under the dividing Wall. Come tell them there’s only one way to freedom.

- A small girl tugs on her dad’s hand, crying out for his attention. Come tell them they have their Father’s attention.

- A man speaks loudly in Mandarin enjoying his telephone conversation, his laugh carrying down the quiet street. Come tell him that the Lord Almighty is pleased to have a conversation with him.

- A couple hurry into a bar, happy to escape the cold, past the entrance sign “Hippies always welcome”. Come tell them that all are always welcome through Jesus.

- A young man dripping in style and furs turns heads as he struts across the street. Tell him he turned God’s head as he was knitted together in his mother’s womb.

- An accordion player is serenading tourists crossing over the bridge to Museum Island. Come tell him that God sings over him.

My journey ends just around the corner from Checkpoint Charlie, where I can hear the sparrows chirping loudly in the tree-lined street. God has so much to say to these wonderful Berliners. Come hear this city crying out for restoration in Jesus, come tell of his wonderful Name. God calls us to make disciples of all nations, every day and in every place. Connect Global will be a time for 20s and 30s from our New Ground family to come and encourage us as a church plant and witness to the people in this city. Be a part of this, come and enjoy an amazing weekend being together on a mission in Berlin.

All information can be found here. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me (Josie Rogers) via contact@berlinadventure.tv