Invite Them

Over recent years I’ve discovered that many people who don’t normally go to church will come to a carol service if someone they already know invites them. I’ve found that for some, it’s the highlight of their year; maybe because it connects them to a lost childhood, when life was more straightforward and less uncertain. For a few, even the thought of turning up brings back warm feelings.

I often think about the millions of people in the UK who have attended a Church of England or Catholic Primary School. For all these people a carol service is in the realm of the known and normal. They already know the tunes to all seven carols we will sing and have memorised the words of the one prayer that we pray, the Lord’s Prayer. This makes it the easiest invite we can give. I must reemphasise that there are many people who will come if they receive a personal invitation from a friend they know and trust. I’ve found guests are so sympathetic towards the message, and so at home in the carol service environment that many will respond to an evangelistic message. 

For several years now, I’ve offered the opportunity to receive Christ at Christmas through a comment card response. This is a low cringe way of getting honest feedback on our events, and also giving those who are ready to say yes to Christ the chance to do so.

As I write this, I am getting ready to speak at carol services next weekend in Shipley (near Bradford), Skipton (also near Bradford), both hosted by City Valley Church, and then I’ll have a short drive to Jubilee Church, Teesside, for a big Carol Service in the heart of Middlesbrough. The following week, I’ll be speaking at a business or work-based lunchtime carol service at St. George’s, in the heart of Mayfair, where George Frideric Handel was a regular worshipper. Last year around 400 to 500 people attended this event. Then the following Saturday I’ll be speaking at an evening carol service at Life Church, Southampton, before heading north to speak at Carols at Jubilee Church, Hull. Then I’ll be heading even further up the A1(M) to King’s Church, Darlington. And then finally, on the last Sunday before Christmas I’ll be speaking at New Life Church, Tunbridge Wells and also at Kingdom Life Church, Southampton.

Please pray for Adrian throughout December and for the many who will hear the gospel with an opportunity to respond. Remember the importance of personally inviting those you know to your local carol service and take the step to invite them.